Laughter Yoga Leader Training Workshop


Add more laughter into your life and design sequences to practice your Laughter Yoga skills with others! Spend two days learning the history of Laughter Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Dr. Kataria’s method and Hasya Vinyasa (Laughter Flow).

Participants receive:

  • A Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Manual
  • Happiness/Health History Form
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate

This training is for yoga teachers, holistic health and wellness practitioners, health care professionals, activity and recreation therapists, entertainment professionals, elder care managers, staff members in assisted-living facilities, marriage and family therapists, sales professionals, senior center staff, teachers, leaders of support groups and religious groups as well as anyone who would like to add more laughter into their lives!

Coaching to help you achieve your goals and feel more alive in your body


Simeon Darwick, CHHC, LMT, RYT

Do you set health goals year after year only to lose motivation? Do you hesitate to jump in and fully commit?

Years of working as an instructor and coach has revealed that it's not discipline that motivates us to achieve good health – it's joy.

Health is about movement, play, and laughter. Being healthy is about being in love with life – and enjoying every moment, even the challenging parts.

I support my clients with a range of services; therapeutic massage, yoga instruction, retreats, and one on one coaching programs.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to get started. After our call, I'll follow up with a personal recommendation, including some homework to get you started.


I believe motivation, vitality, and connection can be discovered through play.

Are you ready to break through your barriers and start seeing results?

Coaching is a commitment we both make – and it's a serious investment in your long term health and vitality. Start today by scheduling a free 15-minute consultation. This way I can learn more about your health goals & see if we're a good match to work together.